Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lately, I find myself having the kinda thoughts that a few months ago, I couldn't believe they could be real.

What will happen in the end?? What will I do, when I find myself all alone, with no one to hold me and steal my pain away?? I have never been this way. I've never needed someone to be happy. May my friend Jay be right and no one's happy alone? May I have been wasting all along my life, when I had a chance to have someone to be called mine!!! I am in this situation right now, I am alone, listening to Linkin Park, in my mp3, "In The End". May everyone be right, when they say I need to get someone?? Who knowz?? Maybe they're really right and I do need someone. Maybe I do need someone to help me to cease my pain away. I don't feel exactly depressed, I juz feel myself unable to be happy and even in those I juz want someone to pray for me in ma hour of Death...

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seemed.

And I don't mind all the things they said about you,

Jealous wordz won't spoil this Dream.

I believe in the unknown,

So I'm sure you won't disappoint me.

These age-old truthz fall on deaf earz,

And not losing yourself in a book or a movie.

Smile and smile while the glory days are here,

Where's the hurry, worry all next year.

And don't mind me 'coz I believe in the unknown,

It may seem strange, but that's all I want.

The real world it comes to get you,

There is no way it will forget you.

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seem...

My Dream...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Somewhere in the middle, i got lost

Searching for my soul i feel lost.

Now i really know how it is to be in stress,

When you are into the eyes of distress.

It is really a fucked up situation for Me,

Dunno how am gonna make this cut.

But then we've gotta take on ourselves,

Flip the coin and expect no help.

Someone on the wrong train can tell,

'Coz He's the only one who thinks so.

Hard on the heels of getting somewhere,

There are things that we don't know.

From day one i got things wrong

One day maybe i'll get right

I never thought i knew the answers

While the whole world thinks they might

Looking for something i've lost

So i can find what my future will cost

See if i can look in my sado eyes

Go out to the world with no disguise.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

I don't know what I wanna see.

My world used to be worth living for,

And now it's hard enough just to be ME.