Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Game of Also-rans and Muggers

Genre : Blabber

Procrastination seems to be the norm as far as the completion of the "Commonwealth Games" project is concerned. Besides poor construction causing leakz and collapses at project sites seems the case even with completed ones. Incidents like these are reported every day in the media. Unless the government gets into rescue mode to salvage the Games, we stand to risk our reputation and future as organisers of mega sporting events, which attracts the eyeballs of the entire world.

The games have literally become the "Common Wealth" for the contractor-engineer-officials nexus that worked deliberately to pass off interior work and inflate costs to scoff off money. Also, it being a league of also-rans, has lost some of it's sheen with the non-participation of some biggies (read Bolt), so much so that even the Queen of Britain (the country, who started it to keep a track of the colonies little in common and less in wealth) has shown her disinterest in attending the opening ceremony. Now one thing is for sure, the most versatile and talk-of-the-town event is gonna be the opening ceremony of the fortnight long tamasha with Katrina Kaif leading the pack o athletes representing our very own Bollywood!!!!