Sunday, January 10, 2010


            Hi Guyz,  
                         This lyric of mine was composed in the 3rd year of Engg when the campus drives were on. Out of sheer frustration of not being able to select myself in, I vented it out in my notebooks. Though comin from a well-to-do family, I never considered it right to ask green-backs for my needs from ma guardians until I have them myself. So dedicated to all those who share my views......

Well I don't know about you

But there's not a lot that I can do

I could get a job in a F#$@ Centre.....

.....No I don't think so

But I've seen the ad, I want the car

And all the things that make life just fine, don't they?

If you can have it, I can have it

All that's yours can surely be mine

And it's one for the money

To keep up with the Kickass Peers

So you can look around and see you're not alone

Money wasn't meant for the poor

And it's truer now than ever before

You either have it or you don't

So where do you fit?

It's never when you need it

Always when you don't but that's f#+* life

And I really wouldn't care if

I could only have a share of the f@## good life

And it's one for the money.....

Keep up ma bro...

We'll soon reach the top!

Orphaned Lyric

Hi Guys, after the "tremendous" response to my earlier post, I got the motivation to write another one.

                  This work of mine is something which didn't find the light of the day as some of my earlier ones. Now I need to tell you all a brief history about it. After I joined Engg, I had become quite a loner a la depressing phase you can say. It is in my 2nd year of Engg that I got in contact with these guys calling themselves "Third Reich" - A metallic band based somewhere in the western suburbs and i need to thank MySpace for this!

                  The Band had 5 members - Gavin S, Arvind J, Sam F, Abu B, Shreyas S. During one of the interaction, they got to know of my creative skills, though I had juz copied the lyrics of Aerosmith. Honestly, I didin't explore that aspect of mine ever before (creative and not a plagiarist). Later on i started doin the real stuff for them, dark themed songs. But then I was not the only one they depended on. There was a gal named Juanito also known to them. This is the last song kinda rap that I wrote for them but unfortunately due to some internal strifes or ego problems they called it a day as a band. It is just a part of the song they were supposed to compose.

                 "All characters and events in this blog - even those based on real life are fictional and co-incidents. The blog may contain coarse language and due to it's content should not be viewed by anyone."

Juz take it as a satire.

This is in fond memory of the band and here we go.......

Everybody sounds so,

for a shit.

Probably they are,

the very Hypocrites.

Goin on to write,

the large Reams.

so as to destroy,

ma huge Realms.

Well comes the M*@#$^#,

who puts in the hat,

Only to lose,

like a Big Man Fat.

I guess He doesn't,

what the Nations facing.

He is there only,

to fill His Casing.

Don't expect to be ruled,

by those Knickers.

They are simply,

a Replica of Beggars.

What the shit or hell,

is there in the Red-House?

Where law is in the hands,

of a f#@$% mouse.

Long Live the Democracy,

if You can't save the fair.

If the Killer is dealt,

with a lot of Fanfare.

Whoever sheds

the Blood of a Man,

His Blood will be shed

by his Own Clan.

We'll be back,

We'll be back,

When the goin gets wrong,

to Clench and Twist

and bell the Iron Gong.