Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Alone...

Standing at the window,
I was lookin ahead of time.
But all the world wanted,
Was juz a piece of ma mind.

Faith was to be killed,
At the altar of love.
And am staring helpless,
Into the eye of the death.

Voices of the friendz,
Were banished and gone.
Hearts were broken,
For no reason of their own.

I dont wanna you ma bud,
To leave me alone.
Coz tales of strength & courage,
Are better said than done.

The bygones come to ma mind,
In the middle of the night.
And these thoughts keep pouring in,
With all their might.

The weather has changed all of a sudden,
The day you passed by crossing me.
It has added up to the burden,
While keeping up with the growing frenzy.

Now, these clothes dont fit me anymore,
They have, i guess, slipped past their age.
You were the one whom i adored,
Now i wanna get out of this bondage.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Angels of Death

Hez not from Heaven,

Hez not from Hell.

Hez the Angel of Death

And on the Earth he dwellz.

His eyes are always open,

Hez alwayz awake.

He awaitz for the moment,

For your Soul to take.

You'll feel a cold breeze,

Followed by a whisper in your ear.

Itz when you know you are chosen,

And your End is near.

Your veinz will freeze,

And bones tremble in fear.

You must prepare for Death,

For the Dark Knight is here!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Game of Also-rans and Muggers

Genre : Blabber

Procrastination seems to be the norm as far as the completion of the "Commonwealth Games" project is concerned. Besides poor construction causing leakz and collapses at project sites seems the case even with completed ones. Incidents like these are reported every day in the media. Unless the government gets into rescue mode to salvage the Games, we stand to risk our reputation and future as organisers of mega sporting events, which attracts the eyeballs of the entire world.

The games have literally become the "Common Wealth" for the contractor-engineer-officials nexus that worked deliberately to pass off interior work and inflate costs to scoff off money. Also, it being a league of also-rans, has lost some of it's sheen with the non-participation of some biggies (read Bolt), so much so that even the Queen of Britain (the country, who started it to keep a track of the colonies little in common and less in wealth) has shown her disinterest in attending the opening ceremony. Now one thing is for sure, the most versatile and talk-of-the-town event is gonna be the opening ceremony of the fortnight long tamasha with Katrina Kaif leading the pack o athletes representing our very own Bollywood!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My World

Share?...thoughtZ? events in my life? abuses? my PC? or maybe myself? i m not too sure which i want to share ( never too sure of anything to begin with!)...but for the time being lets just try "myself" pretty boring..i like dreaming though ( lots of it) not a foodie..not a movie buff..not a book worm either...(see? i told u i was boring!).. .i think i m confused too....though i m not too sure wat it is that i m confused about..i`ll post it as soon as i find out!...and yes i like living in many worlds all at once...the real world...the virtual world...ur world...but never in ONE world...probably because no one ever taught me to live in ONE, till u happen to pass by my world and drop in for a cup of tea....i`ll keep dreaming...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lately, I find myself having the kinda thoughts that a few months ago, I couldn't believe they could be real.

What will happen in the end?? What will I do, when I find myself all alone, with no one to hold me and steal my pain away?? I have never been this way. I've never needed someone to be happy. May my friend Jay be right and no one's happy alone? May I have been wasting all along my life, when I had a chance to have someone to be called mine!!! I am in this situation right now, I am alone, listening to Linkin Park, in my mp3, "In The End". May everyone be right, when they say I need to get someone?? Who knowz?? Maybe they're really right and I do need someone. Maybe I do need someone to help me to cease my pain away. I don't feel exactly depressed, I juz feel myself unable to be happy and even in those I juz want someone to pray for me in ma hour of Death...

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seemed.

And I don't mind all the things they said about you,

Jealous wordz won't spoil this Dream.

I believe in the unknown,

So I'm sure you won't disappoint me.

These age-old truthz fall on deaf earz,

And not losing yourself in a book or a movie.

Smile and smile while the glory days are here,

Where's the hurry, worry all next year.

And don't mind me 'coz I believe in the unknown,

It may seem strange, but that's all I want.

The real world it comes to get you,

There is no way it will forget you.

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seem...

My Dream...

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Somewhere in the middle, i got lost

Searching for my soul i feel lost.

Now i really know how it is to be in stress,

When you are into the eyes of distress.

It is really a fucked up situation for Me,

Dunno how am gonna make this cut.

But then we've gotta take on ourselves,

Flip the coin and expect no help.

Someone on the wrong train can tell,

'Coz He's the only one who thinks so.

Hard on the heels of getting somewhere,

There are things that we don't know.

From day one i got things wrong

One day maybe i'll get right

I never thought i knew the answers

While the whole world thinks they might

Looking for something i've lost

So i can find what my future will cost

See if i can look in my sado eyes

Go out to the world with no disguise.

I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

I don't know what I wanna see.

My world used to be worth living for,

And now it's hard enough just to be ME.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

LiFE MOVES ON..........

Hi Everyone outta there,
            Sometimes we feel like this is not the life we had ordered for. Everyone goes through the perversions of life and some of them fall in love with the dark world that burns in the depths under their feet. Searchin the other side of the mirror in their quest of glory. This onez for all those who acknowledge the power of the dark and search for peace in the darkness.

Life is not always rainbowz and butterflies,

Itz juz waitin for you to be hit on the sly.

Become attracted to dark n devilry,

When life is not all sweet n sugary.

Not supposed to do what everyonez doin,

But findin happiness even in your misery.

Walkin alone never knew where I'm

When i was younger , they used to say

Struggle for life , struggle to be a man

But now i got sick of strugglin , i got none

Who can live life , who is the holy puritan ?

Who can kill time and who won't run ?

Now I find the ravenz overhead,

They are circlin the morbid dead.

Flappin their wingz to crazy beatz,

Their black formz, the night sky greetz.

They won't stop until they're fed,

Flesh and skinz of this f***in undead.

Until then i wanna move along,

Goin thru the crush hourz of dawn.

If everythin i knew was wrong,

Then itz high time i moved on.

Cleanse myself of my f***in mistakes,

Be new to the world and celebrate!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To The Hell

Hi guyz,
            Before I begin, I wanna apologise MnM, my buddy, for draggin him into unwanted attention and embarassment. I am sorry bro. Certain recent events brought outta the vent.  This one'z f***ed to all those, who sucked the Knight and deserve to be brutalized. Once again my sincere heartfelt apologies to MnM.
A few part of it is inspired from DM, but still it best describes my murderous feelin of dat moment.
                                 Let them be diabolically doomed.

F*** you exec!

Arisin from the dead,

Attackin from the grave

The killin goes on

Till the death of last brave.

I'll bring you hell.

As you deserve to be slaved.

Your soul will be frozen with f***** storm hail.

Breaking through the crust.

Outta from the coffins

Protected by His grace

Lay down the f*****

From our Satanic scripts

Bringing you nothing but grief.

F***** the communicators

And the m@#$%#$## bastards

Controlling their actions

Then chopping the bonerates

Entrapped in their worst nightmare

Piercing their ears

With a f***** sound

Raising His deadly stare

The Lucifer laughz

His needz are fulfilled

And He goes off

The flames are on

Bodies are burning

The people are torn

Torture the reason they are gone

Now we take over

And His Law Prevails

Enjoy our m******* reign

Bloodz what we want

And we won't settle the game

Until we drive you insane

Attacking the young,

Murderin the old

Bleeding with every heartbeat

Darkness had told

And your soul is sold

Diggin into your meat

When the sun doesn't rise

And the day is like night

Know that your life is at its f**** end

So scream out in fright

Here comes the Dark Knight..........

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Free for a moment, high above

Juz for a moment in the armz of love.

If I could be all that I want to be

The Kickass Peerz would hang their headz in despair.

If you could hear what I want you to hear

You'd think, couldn't breathe without that air.

And there'z alwayz something more that I should tell you

More lost than I am found.

So I'm trying to clear my head

That I'll be a lot sound.

If I could say all that I want to say

The m@#$@#& would hide in shame for yearz

And curse themselves unto their Death

After I am done from here.

And there'z the rub in being Human

It getz in the way of all your Dreaming.

What the f@#$ you can do,

For the moment you wake up Screaming.

All the Hell will break loose,

If the f@#$&* try to be wannabe

The Devil will hold the noose

and hang them at the subway.

But there'z alwayz something more that I should tell You

More lost than I am found.

So I'm trying to clear my head

That I'll be a lot sound.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

21st Century Depression

All my Life i've wanted great thingz

the gladness that they might bring,

But most of all i dont have them

it really doesn't matter now.

i can see the F****** world will die

and that to at the blink of an eye.

Who cares for them goin astray,

Groans of the Undead, as away the Time fly.

Bastard put the Gun against my Head

You'll be of no use to Me

thatz all when i'm Dead.

At the turn of a Twenty Yearz,

it has bred all my Deepest Fearz,

it hides in my Strongest Dreamz,

it killz all hope and stripz it clean...

Lord i gotta ask a favor

And hope You'll understand

I juz wanna live Life by the gun,

Let Me die like a Man!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


            Hi Guyz,  
                         This lyric of mine was composed in the 3rd year of Engg when the campus drives were on. Out of sheer frustration of not being able to select myself in, I vented it out in my notebooks. Though comin from a well-to-do family, I never considered it right to ask green-backs for my needs from ma guardians until I have them myself. So dedicated to all those who share my views......

Well I don't know about you

But there's not a lot that I can do

I could get a job in a F#$@ Centre.....

.....No I don't think so

But I've seen the ad, I want the car

And all the things that make life just fine, don't they?

If you can have it, I can have it

All that's yours can surely be mine

And it's one for the money

To keep up with the Kickass Peers

So you can look around and see you're not alone

Money wasn't meant for the poor

And it's truer now than ever before

You either have it or you don't

So where do you fit?

It's never when you need it

Always when you don't but that's f#+* life

And I really wouldn't care if

I could only have a share of the f@## good life

And it's one for the money.....

Keep up ma bro...

We'll soon reach the top!

Orphaned Lyric

Hi Guys, after the "tremendous" response to my earlier post, I got the motivation to write another one.

                  This work of mine is something which didn't find the light of the day as some of my earlier ones. Now I need to tell you all a brief history about it. After I joined Engg, I had become quite a loner a la depressing phase you can say. It is in my 2nd year of Engg that I got in contact with these guys calling themselves "Third Reich" - A metallic band based somewhere in the western suburbs and i need to thank MySpace for this!

                  The Band had 5 members - Gavin S, Arvind J, Sam F, Abu B, Shreyas S. During one of the interaction, they got to know of my creative skills, though I had juz copied the lyrics of Aerosmith. Honestly, I didin't explore that aspect of mine ever before (creative and not a plagiarist). Later on i started doin the real stuff for them, dark themed songs. But then I was not the only one they depended on. There was a gal named Juanito also known to them. This is the last song kinda rap that I wrote for them but unfortunately due to some internal strifes or ego problems they called it a day as a band. It is just a part of the song they were supposed to compose.

                 "All characters and events in this blog - even those based on real life are fictional and co-incidents. The blog may contain coarse language and due to it's content should not be viewed by anyone."

Juz take it as a satire.

This is in fond memory of the band and here we go.......

Everybody sounds so,

for a shit.

Probably they are,

the very Hypocrites.

Goin on to write,

the large Reams.

so as to destroy,

ma huge Realms.

Well comes the M*@#$^#,

who puts in the hat,

Only to lose,

like a Big Man Fat.

I guess He doesn't,

what the Nations facing.

He is there only,

to fill His Casing.

Don't expect to be ruled,

by those Knickers.

They are simply,

a Replica of Beggars.

What the shit or hell,

is there in the Red-House?

Where law is in the hands,

of a f#@$% mouse.

Long Live the Democracy,

if You can't save the fair.

If the Killer is dealt,

with a lot of Fanfare.

Whoever sheds

the Blood of a Man,

His Blood will be shed

by his Own Clan.

We'll be back,

We'll be back,

When the goin gets wrong,

to Clench and Twist

and bell the Iron Gong.