Wednesday, June 13, 2018


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Some of these blogs make over $100k a month, others are just a hobby for their owners, but all have the same purpose at their core… the love of writing and sharing information.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bruised Life 2.0

Sitting here alone,
Reflecting on the past,
I realize that i've tried to climb many mountains.
The end result never changing.
I tumble to the bottom,
Left with scars and permanent bruises.
Yet after all my constant failures,
I re-tie my laces and start hiking up,
What seems like another impossible mountain.
My faith is withering away,
and the target seems far,
It's throwing me off balance,
But my stubbornness remains.
I still have goals and dreams to inspire me.
So it appears,
That I'm goin to climb mountains for all of eternity!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Alone...

Standing at the window,
I was lookin ahead of time.
But all the world wanted,
Was juz a piece of ma mind.

Faith was to be killed,
At the altar of love.
And am staring helpless,
Into the eye of the death.

Voices of the friendz,
Were banished and gone.
Hearts were broken,
For no reason of their own.

I dont wanna you ma bud,
To leave me alone.
Coz tales of strength & courage,
Are better said than done.

The bygones come to ma mind,
In the middle of the night.
And these thoughts keep pouring in,
With all their might.

The weather has changed all of a sudden,
The day you passed by crossing me.
It has added up to the burden,
While keeping up with the growing frenzy.

Now, these clothes dont fit me anymore,
They have, i guess, slipped past their age.
You were the one whom i adored,
Now i wanna get out of this bondage.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Angels of Death

Hez not from Heaven,

Hez not from Hell.

Hez the Angel of Death

And on the Earth he dwellz.

His eyes are always open,

Hez alwayz awake.

He awaitz for the moment,

For your Soul to take.

You'll feel a cold breeze,

Followed by a whisper in your ear.

Itz when you know you are chosen,

And your End is near.

Your veinz will freeze,

And bones tremble in fear.

You must prepare for Death,

For the Dark Knight is here!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Game of Also-rans and Muggers

Genre : Blabber

Procrastination seems to be the norm as far as the completion of the "Commonwealth Games" project is concerned. Besides poor construction causing leakz and collapses at project sites seems the case even with completed ones. Incidents like these are reported every day in the media. Unless the government gets into rescue mode to salvage the Games, we stand to risk our reputation and future as organisers of mega sporting events, which attracts the eyeballs of the entire world.

The games have literally become the "Common Wealth" for the contractor-engineer-officials nexus that worked deliberately to pass off interior work and inflate costs to scoff off money. Also, it being a league of also-rans, has lost some of it's sheen with the non-participation of some biggies (read Bolt), so much so that even the Queen of Britain (the country, who started it to keep a track of the colonies little in common and less in wealth) has shown her disinterest in attending the opening ceremony. Now one thing is for sure, the most versatile and talk-of-the-town event is gonna be the opening ceremony of the fortnight long tamasha with Katrina Kaif leading the pack o athletes representing our very own Bollywood!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My World

Share?...thoughtZ? events in my life? abuses? my PC? or maybe myself? i m not too sure which i want to share ( never too sure of anything to begin with!)...but for the time being lets just try "myself" pretty boring..i like dreaming though ( lots of it) not a foodie..not a movie buff..not a book worm either...(see? i told u i was boring!).. .i think i m confused too....though i m not too sure wat it is that i m confused about..i`ll post it as soon as i find out!...and yes i like living in many worlds all at once...the real world...the virtual world...ur world...but never in ONE world...probably because no one ever taught me to live in ONE, till u happen to pass by my world and drop in for a cup of tea....i`ll keep dreaming...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lately, I find myself having the kinda thoughts that a few months ago, I couldn't believe they could be real.

What will happen in the end?? What will I do, when I find myself all alone, with no one to hold me and steal my pain away?? I have never been this way. I've never needed someone to be happy. May my friend Jay be right and no one's happy alone? May I have been wasting all along my life, when I had a chance to have someone to be called mine!!! I am in this situation right now, I am alone, listening to Linkin Park, in my mp3, "In The End". May everyone be right, when they say I need to get someone?? Who knowz?? Maybe they're really right and I do need someone. Maybe I do need someone to help me to cease my pain away. I don't feel exactly depressed, I juz feel myself unable to be happy and even in those I juz want someone to pray for me in ma hour of Death...

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seemed.

And I don't mind all the things they said about you,

Jealous wordz won't spoil this Dream.

I believe in the unknown,

So I'm sure you won't disappoint me.

These age-old truthz fall on deaf earz,

And not losing yourself in a book or a movie.

Smile and smile while the glory days are here,

Where's the hurry, worry all next year.

And don't mind me 'coz I believe in the unknown,

It may seem strange, but that's all I want.

The real world it comes to get you,

There is no way it will forget you.

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seem...

My Dream...