Thursday, December 24, 2009

Movie I watched recently

This is for the first time that I am posting my blog, so any suggestions are welcome and will try to improve upon it. :-)
I had to see this movie the second time juz in order to post a review for it here. A long cock and bull story all for an 84-carat diamond. A very typical Guy Ritchie movie with black humour, sarcasm and one-linerz. Every character has their own funny accent to talk in, especially Brad Pittz typical Irish lingo(I suppoz) tryin to say. It is actually the two story linez and how they are interconnected to each of the characters. Franky Four Fingers (Toro) stole a diamond and brought it to London. He informz Cousin Avi (Farina) and in the course of time, a bit too many people get informed. It now becomz a wild goose chase to reach the diamond first. Somewhere else, Turkish (Statham) the boxing promoter named after an airline and his associate Tommy (Graham) not named after a gun but in fact a ballet dancer, go out caravan shopping to some gypsies. They end up losing their best fighter who has a match comin up and decide to replace him with Mickey (Pitt) the gypsy who knocked him out. Brick Top (Ford) the boxing event organiser and a gangster notorious for feedin people to the pigz, has the event rigged and wantz Mickey out in the fourth round. Boris the Bullet Dodger (Serbdzija, watever) sendz Franky to Brick Top's bookiez to put up a bet for that very boxing match. He sendz Sol (James) and Vinny (Gee) behind him to steal the case carrying the diamondz. Avi learnz about Boris' scheme and hires Bullet-Tooth Tony (Jones) to go look for the sneaky 'dedh shana' Russian and retrieve the diamond which now is in his possession. Itz one whole big mess which also involves a dog (Hutch wala) who swallowed half a shoe, a squeaky toy and an 84-carat diamond. It is definitely a laugh out loud comedy and worth a watch, if not two for Brad Pitt and Statham 'bhai' and also for comic timings of Sol n Vinnie. Dunno how it wz not able to create a storm wen released in India, but right up there amongzt the cultz in my list.
Thumbs up: Everything
Thumbs down: Nothing

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