Saturday, November 27, 2010

All Alone...

Standing at the window,
I was lookin ahead of time.
But all the world wanted,
Was juz a piece of ma mind.

Faith was to be killed,
At the altar of love.
And am staring helpless,
Into the eye of the death.

Voices of the friendz,
Were banished and gone.
Hearts were broken,
For no reason of their own.

I dont wanna you ma bud,
To leave me alone.
Coz tales of strength & courage,
Are better said than done.

The bygones come to ma mind,
In the middle of the night.
And these thoughts keep pouring in,
With all their might.

The weather has changed all of a sudden,
The day you passed by crossing me.
It has added up to the burden,
While keeping up with the growing frenzy.

Now, these clothes dont fit me anymore,
They have, i guess, slipped past their age.
You were the one whom i adored,
Now i wanna get out of this bondage.


Tanvi said...

Hey Mr.Fallen angel your work is quite nice :) :) All alone is really dark and expressed quite well :)


Patriot_Punter said...

thanx tanvi... :)