Tuesday, January 26, 2010

To The Hell

Hi guyz,
            Before I begin, I wanna apologise MnM, my buddy, for draggin him into unwanted attention and embarassment. I am sorry bro. Certain recent events brought outta the vent.  This one'z f***ed to all those, who sucked the Knight and deserve to be brutalized. Once again my sincere heartfelt apologies to MnM.
A few part of it is inspired from DM, but still it best describes my murderous feelin of dat moment.
                                 Let them be diabolically doomed.

F*** you exec!

Arisin from the dead,

Attackin from the grave

The killin goes on

Till the death of last brave.

I'll bring you hell.

As you deserve to be slaved.

Your soul will be frozen with f***** storm hail.

Breaking through the crust.

Outta from the coffins

Protected by His grace

Lay down the f*****

From our Satanic scripts

Bringing you nothing but grief.

F***** the communicators

And the m@#$%#$## bastards

Controlling their actions

Then chopping the bonerates

Entrapped in their worst nightmare

Piercing their ears

With a f***** sound

Raising His deadly stare

The Lucifer laughz

His needz are fulfilled

And He goes off

The flames are on

Bodies are burning

The people are torn

Torture the reason they are gone

Now we take over

And His Law Prevails

Enjoy our m******* reign

Bloodz what we want

And we won't settle the game

Until we drive you insane

Attacking the young,

Murderin the old

Bleeding with every heartbeat

Darkness had told

And your soul is sold

Diggin into your meat

When the sun doesn't rise

And the day is like night

Know that your life is at its f**** end

So scream out in fright

Here comes the Dark Knight..........

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