Saturday, February 13, 2010

LiFE MOVES ON..........

Hi Everyone outta there,
            Sometimes we feel like this is not the life we had ordered for. Everyone goes through the perversions of life and some of them fall in love with the dark world that burns in the depths under their feet. Searchin the other side of the mirror in their quest of glory. This onez for all those who acknowledge the power of the dark and search for peace in the darkness.

Life is not always rainbowz and butterflies,

Itz juz waitin for you to be hit on the sly.

Become attracted to dark n devilry,

When life is not all sweet n sugary.

Not supposed to do what everyonez doin,

But findin happiness even in your misery.

Walkin alone never knew where I'm

When i was younger , they used to say

Struggle for life , struggle to be a man

But now i got sick of strugglin , i got none

Who can live life , who is the holy puritan ?

Who can kill time and who won't run ?

Now I find the ravenz overhead,

They are circlin the morbid dead.

Flappin their wingz to crazy beatz,

Their black formz, the night sky greetz.

They won't stop until they're fed,

Flesh and skinz of this f***in undead.

Until then i wanna move along,

Goin thru the crush hourz of dawn.

If everythin i knew was wrong,

Then itz high time i moved on.

Cleanse myself of my f***in mistakes,

Be new to the world and celebrate!


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