Sunday, May 23, 2010


Lately, I find myself having the kinda thoughts that a few months ago, I couldn't believe they could be real.

What will happen in the end?? What will I do, when I find myself all alone, with no one to hold me and steal my pain away?? I have never been this way. I've never needed someone to be happy. May my friend Jay be right and no one's happy alone? May I have been wasting all along my life, when I had a chance to have someone to be called mine!!! I am in this situation right now, I am alone, listening to Linkin Park, in my mp3, "In The End". May everyone be right, when they say I need to get someone?? Who knowz?? Maybe they're really right and I do need someone. Maybe I do need someone to help me to cease my pain away. I don't feel exactly depressed, I juz feel myself unable to be happy and even in those I juz want someone to pray for me in ma hour of Death...

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seemed.

And I don't mind all the things they said about you,

Jealous wordz won't spoil this Dream.

I believe in the unknown,

So I'm sure you won't disappoint me.

These age-old truthz fall on deaf earz,

And not losing yourself in a book or a movie.

Smile and smile while the glory days are here,

Where's the hurry, worry all next year.

And don't mind me 'coz I believe in the unknown,

It may seem strange, but that's all I want.

The real world it comes to get you,

There is no way it will forget you.

I don't mind if I never ever meet you,

I liked you juz the way you seem...

My Dream...